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New here, just to post this question


so, I have a flow with triggers "When a new Email arrives", from a certain user, with a certain string on subject and with attachments, if those conditions are met, next step is 

Update a file stored on a OneDrive location (not delete, not replace, just update)


both the attachment from the email and the target file on OneDrive are excel workbooks, with identical extensions

I have one flow that works beautifully... But I tried to reproduce it exactly for another process, and....


I am so annoyed!

the flow actually runs successfully and the file IS actually updated, BUT the result is an excel file with 3KB and unaccesible, I get the error "corrupted file etc etc " when I try to open the excel

the worst is that I reproduced the other working flow exactly, even copied it as template, but the second one just doesnt update the excel file correctly.

Any idea of why?





Solution Sage
Solution Sage

Hi @manuelm106 ,


There may be email signature images which are included in your attachments.  Because they are usually images, you are also saving them as .xlsx hence why you cannot open the file.  You should add a condition to check for filename or file extension equals to .xlsx etc.  


If you go to your flow history, you should see maybe the attachment loop running more than once.  The last attachment in the loop is the one causing the issue.


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