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Update Planner Task Details Error- Complex values must only contain property annotations for existing properties.



Hoping someone has an answer to this issue I'm facing.  I have a Flow that had previously worked, where for a certain channel in our Teams group, when a new message was posted it would create a Planner Task, and then add a link on the task back to the original post in Teams. 


I had turned it off in the past (when it was working), and recently needed to turn it back on.  But now I'm running into an error when trying to add the link to the Teams post on the Planner Task.  I'm getting this error. 


The request is invalid:
One or more property annotations for property 'https%3A//teams%2Emicrosoft%2Ecom/l/message/19%3A207e13974178417cadae58e931983e9d' were found in the complex value without the property to annotate. Complex values must only contain property annotations for existing properties.


I've seen other posts with this same issue related to SharePoint file links, but can't figure out how to provide these solutions to links to Teams Posts. 


If I manually add a link to a Teams post in Planner, then using flow grab the link, it's formatted the same way that I'm trying it, so I'm not sure where the problem is.  Does anyone have any suggestions on how I could resolve this?  Here is how I'm constructing the link. 


Flow Error Planner Task Details Add Teams Link 01.pngFlow Error Planner Task Details Add Teams Link 02.png

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I have the same use case and the same issue. 

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I think I am going to work around with a short URL until a better solution comes up. Use short url action to create a short URL of your users' links:

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Well, I've made some progress.  I found if I encoded the URL, then I stopped getting the error. 

Flow Error Planner Task Details Add Teams Link 03 - URL Encoding.png





But now I can't figure out how to get the link to correctly open the conversation in teams.  Using this setup when I click on the resulting link I get an error stating the conversation has been deleted. 

@Anonymous  I got it working by using like this:


This is what it looks like in Planner:


The link will open chat history with the person specified in the flow. 

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Is that Teams link to a specific conversation in a channel?  It appears to be linking to a person's chat. 

I actually have the exact same use case and problem.


I can have the link entered in the description, but it will not let me put the URL in an "attachment". Very frustrating.. I am guessing that it can't accept ":" or "@" symbols. I reduced the length of the URL to only the characters left of the "?" thinking that it might be a length issue, but I still received the same error.

Same here, it seems that the @ character triggers some parsing attempt.

I was able to make it work by only remplacing the @ character with %40 from the TEAM_CHANNEL_ID


In my case, TEAM_CHANNEL_ID was:


replace(variables('teamChannel'), '@', '%40')


@Anonymous I know it has been a while, but I think that you setted your ID at the wrong place... See the url template above.


To escape the '@' you could also use




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