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Update a CRM Record (salesorder) when a Document is uploaded to Sharepoint via CRM

Following is the case


We have Sharepoint integrated with Dynamics 365. 

Sales person created an order is CRM and uploads a document against the Order in CRM. 

We want a mechanism to trigger on file create/delete and update the relevant order with no of attachments against the order.


I am struggling to find the salesorder identifier (GUID) so i can update the record on file created/delete.


Secondly, is there a way to find how many files are available in Sharepoint for each CRM Record (salesorder)?


Thank you

Community Support
Community Support

Hi @Anonymous,


Could you please share a screenshot of the configuration of your flow?

Could you please share more details about your scenes?


Please share more details about your scenes so we could try to provide a proper workaround for you.



Best regards,


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Duplicated Response

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Scenario - A Salesperson creates an order in CRM against a Customer (Acccount). The Order is considered as complete only when the Work Order is attached/uploaded against the order. So we suggested to create a custom field (whole number) "No of Attachment" on SalesOrder entity to manage the number of attachments against the order. We are open to new suggestions.


Following are the configurations

Dynamics CRM 365 Online 

Sharepoint Online

Folder Path - account/AccountName/salesorder/SalesOrderName_SalesOrderGuid/


account/Chambers of Sample/salesorder/ORD-36762-Ch303-Chambers of Sample_A18F392C6D20E811A95600224800375D/


Document Location contains the following info

Relative URL - SalesOrderName_SalesOrderGuid

Eg. ORD-36762-Ch303-Chambers of Sample_A18F392C6D20E811A95600224800375D

Regarding - Lookup field that Contains the SalesOrderId (Guid)


Current Flow Setup

We used two variables 

FolderName - Relative URL for the Attachment

No of Attachments - to retrieve the current attachment count from SalesOrder



Trigger - When a file is created


Intialise Variables


Split the Folder Path by '/' (Folder path is Dynamic Content from Step:1)

  "Chambers of Sample",
  "ORD-36762-Ch303-Chambers of Sample_A18F392C6D20E811A95600224800375D",


Set FolderName by assigning the 4th Array Element

"ORD-36762-Ch303-Chambers of Sample_A18F392C6D20E811A95600224800375D"


List of Records 

Find Top 1 Document Location by Relative URL. This record contains the SalesOrderId (Guid) as Regarding.


Get the SalesOrder Record by Regarding (Step:6)


Assign the SalesOrder's "No of Attachment" to the local varilable


Increment the local variable by 1


Update the SalesOrder with "No of Attactment" (local variable)


This solution is working fine as expected. But I am looking for an alternative to search for number of attachment against the order rather than incrementing the count by 1. 

Another issue, when a file is delete, we are not able to reduce the number by 1 as the body of the trigger contains very minimum info as below  

  "ID": 7888,
  "Name": "07",
  "FileNameWithExtension": "07.JPG",
  "DeletedByUserName": "Admin User",
  "TimeDeleted": "2018-06-11T17:28:19Z",
  "IsFolder": false


Screenshot 1Screenshot 1Screenshot 2Screenshot 2Screenshot 3Screenshot 3

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