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Update a column in sharepoint once a day



Im new to flow, 


Ive got a few column on another list in sharepoint that users type in the amount of kilometres on the clock when they finish for the day,


I need that number to be updated daily to another column 


and i also need that number to alert management when its due for a service? ie number reaches 5000 or similar.

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Re: Update a column in sharepoint once a day

Hi @shaneOZ ,

  1. The first thing is that your trigger needs to be a recurrence schedule which you set to run once a day at the time you specify in your timezone. You then add a Get items action and select the site and list. 
  2. Add an Apply to each and over on the right in the dynamic content box select value.
  3. In the apply to each box add a SharePoint action to Update item. Again, select your site and list and it will automatically give you fields for the list columns. In this case I have used Title for the vehicle registration, KM for the user-entered kilometres and CopytoColumn for the column you want the data copied to. The Update will copy the km figure into the CopyToColumn.
  4. Still within the apply to each box, add a Condition to check if the kilomtres id more than 5000. That will add If Yes/If No boxes. 
  5. In the If Yes box add a Send an Email v2 and add the SharePoint columns.

In the images below you'll see each of these steps.  This is a simple flow which sends one email for each vehicle requiring servicing. If you  were to have a column in your list for the date management was informed you could then do amend the condition to say that if the CopyToColumn is greater than 5000 AND MgmntInformed is equal to null then send the email, otherwise don't - in otherwords the email has already been sent on an earlier date so don't send it again.

A more advanced flow would be to add an array variable to get the vehicles and km, add them to a table and then send just one email. But I'm having trouble getting the result to look good at the moment so I hope the simpler flow will get you someway to what you want.

Los Gallardos

1-Recurrence and getItems.png1 - Recurrence Schedule and Get Items2-ApplytoEach.png2 - Apply to each3-ConditionEmail.png3 - Condition and Email4-EmailResult.png4 - Email result





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