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Updating several SharePoint list items using Flow

Hello, I have a SharePoint list containing approx. 450 list items such as 


ID    | Name   | Type  | Owner 

1     | Item 1   | A        |

2     | item 2   | C        |


450 | item 450 | ZX    | 




I also have an excel file which has the latest data e.g. 


ID    | Item     | Type   | Owner

1      | Item 1 | F          | UserG@domainc

2      | Item2A| H         |


450 | Item450| ZXJ     | 


I need to update this sharepoint with the new values in the Excel.


I created a Flow which has an Apply to each e.g. 


Apply to Each 'SharePoint ID; 

 Apply to Each 'Excel ID'


If SharePoint ID = Excel ID

Then Update SharePoint list item


The problem with doing this is that is taking forever to run. I presume becuase the apply to each is looping through 450 items to find a match. 


Is there a more optimal way to update several list items where their ID matches a value in an Excel table?



Super User
Super User

I have entirely misread your problem, sorry.


Just run actions to get both sets of data, then run an Apply to each on the SharePoint results.


Inside that, use a Filter action to filter the Excel results to the ID of the current SharePoint item, and update that.

Super User
Super User

@Vstar19 @eliotcole 


Definitely use Eliot’s answer if you are a beginner.

Then if you become more proficient & need something more efficient, you can check this batch update template:

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