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Upon Approval move Folder in SharePoint

Good morning everyone!

I am doing something relatively common, with just enough subtle difference that I seem to be unable to get this fixed.

I have a Teams channel set up with several inspectors, and in the Files tab they throw all the job folders that require collaboration. Some access it through the Teams app, others through OneDrive for Business. The secretary views that document library through SharePoint.

What I need to do is for the Secretary to be able to send an approval request to one of the engineers, once he gives the okay that whole folder moves to another Document Library.

Basically in "Shared Documents/General" she needs to be able to right click, run a flow, one of the engineers approves it, then it gets moved.

It needs to move the whole folder because its not just a report or something, its everything that goes with it.


There is a trigger that is "for a selected file", there is also an automatic trigger "When a File is Created", but I do not see a Folder counterpart.

Can I just make a flow based off these "for a file" triggers, or am I out of luck getting the folders moved in SharePoint upon approval?

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I have a bit of an update, not a good one though Here is the flow


Looking good up until the "Move Folder" bit.
The error it is getting is as such, and I have no idea what it means
"Missing or mismatched field definition on the destination list for source field


Got any ideas, I'm a little confused. I think the problem is in the "folder to move", so I am going to just try all the dynamic info from "get folder metadata" until it tells me something differently or works.

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Well, it doesn't seem to like any of the dynamic info I feed it. Maybe the "Move Folder" function doesn't work with dynamic information?

So I switched gears and looked at making various Automatic triggers work for my task. The gist of the flows would be "When a folder is cretated in this folder, run an approval. If approved, move folder into a folder in a different library"
However these triggers only seem to be geared towards files, not folders.

Is there really no way to move folders around with dynamic info in Power Automate? Has this just been overlooked?

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