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Want to Run Power automate cloud flows with Powershell scripts

Hi Community,

I want to run my Power Automate Instant cloud flows through Powershell scripts.

I found some cmdlets from documentation Microsoft.PowerApps.Administration.PowerShell Module | Microsoft Docs

I am able to list out flows which are present with my Power Automate account. I want to run them but I don't found any cmdlets for running them from Powershell.

 P.S. I used Enable-AdminFlow -EnvironmentName   for starting them, thinking that it would run the flow. 😞

Can anybody help??


Solution Sage
Solution Sage

Hi @parulbh ,


Not sure if any of the admin cmdlets in your link will allow you to start a flow but you could refactor your flow to a HTTP trigger and use PowerShell to make a REST call to your API.  Here is a guide.  


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Hi @eric-cheng  Thanks for response.

I want to run all Cloud Instant Flows present one by one by triggering them from a powershell script. There are multiple cloud flows present . I want to trigger them once with one request.

 My Scenario: 

  1. Get List of flows with help of powershell Cmdlet: Get-AdminFlow
  2. Send a Http request from powershell containing  EnvId and FlowNames .(List of Flows)
  3. Filter out Flowname and EnvID
  4. For each FlowName
  •       Get a Cloud Instant Flow with this FlowName
  •        Trigger this Cloud Instant Flow and store run results.



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