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Helper III

copy attachment from sharepoint list



i have a question, i already make this flow (via screenshots), and have an another issue.


This what i made is woked fine, but my superior want another function. I m not suer it is complicated but i try to explain.


In first we approve an invoice (there is some text in fields and , what is importat, in attach of list there is original scan of invoice in pdf) - so i need to after create a list - i already made a three folders (waiting, approve, rejected) - so after i create a new list next step will be to copy invoci form attachments in my list (pdf) and move it to waiting folder.


After approve or rejected this invoice (pdf) will be copied to another folder (approve or rejecet) depend what approvers decided


There is problem that i dont know how to get this attachments (pdf) and move it to sharepoint folder, if i take a new step in flow with get attachment content and create file - there is only opinion to create a new list i cant make a path to my folder.


So if someone know where is problem i would be greatfull. Thanks



Super User
Super User


"i dont know how to get this attachments (pdf) and move it to sharepoint folder"


Let's go to the basics... 1.- When this approval process start, where are the attachments stored? 2.- Can you share a screenshot from your flow, but pleasemake sure you doublecked in each action block you consider relevant for this topic, so we can see which inputs expressions etc. you are using? In your current screenshot I am missing where approval info comes from, if approval has attachments, and many other context details

THe more context info you provide, the faster you will get useful insights


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Thanks for answer,


the attchments is stored in sharepoint list - i dont know where is exactly store of attachmetn but it is  default attachment for list, and there is screenshot from beginig of my flow.



Hi again i already make this flow to make what i need but i have another problem 😄


Now this flow knows to send an approval email and after approve send confirmation to requester, but mail cames from my email adress (i am a creatror of flow and it is made in my account). For example: Mail1 - my mail (owner and creator of flow), Mail2 - requester, Mail3 - approver.


So Mail2 create a table - request send to Mail3 (mail will be sended from MS mail and it is ok) - after accept or reject mail will be sended to requester Mail2 what is ok but there is mail from Mail1 not from Mail3.


So problem is that after approve or reject mail to requester is from my mail and it cant be from my mail, and is there any solutions for this or just who is creator of flow and from which account is flow sended his email addres will be in mail from?


Or i need to make another account (for example and make a flow there?



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