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issue with 1:N relation and associated records (contact: leads) and account related to the contact


when working with contacts and leads in Dynamics 365, I have the following issue. As soon as a contact is matched with an account, I want that the associated lead (associated to contact) also gets the account info.

Why? I just experience trouble that in case I qualify a lead which is linked to a "parent contact" (this one again has a relation to an existing account), through the qualification process the system creates a new account for the lead and ignores the info of the parent contact. What am I doing wrong here or how can it be solved with Flow?

Dual Super User
Dual Super User


I suggest here the below:

1. Create a flow that is triggered on Contact table (Modified) with a Column Filter on Account Column which means an update on a contact that involving the change of the account will cause the flow to be triggered.

2. Then next action is to list rows on the Lead Table where contact is the contact on which the flow was triggered and then update the lead with the parent account that is on the Contact.


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