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new appointment for mailings list (group) - add to group calender


I'd like to automate something, but I haven't found anything what helped me to start.

Following situation:
- a MS Group is existing for a certain topic is existing

- you can add yourself to this group (e.g. to get a "newsletter")

- the Group has its own E-Mail address

- others can invite the E-Mail address to their appointments


What I need:
1. if someone has invited the E-Mail address, I'd like to add this appointment to the group calendar (best would be in the teams event calendar because this will put automatically an appointment in the group calendar in Outlook. The other way around is not working)

2. if someone adds themselves to the group they get invited to all future existing meetings of the group


What I tested so far:
For 1) I tried to use the trigger "When a new email arrives to a group", but this is not working with invitations to an event


Further thoughts:
Even when I get knowledge that the group is invited to a meeting, I have no clue how to add this event to the teams channel calendar.

It's too complicated to get the people outside the group to create an event in the teams channel calendar.


I managed to get all meetings of the Outlook group calendar, but I can't add someone or forward this to someone.

Hopefully I could describe my problems well enough.


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