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"ActionBranchingConditionNotSatisfied. The execution of template action 'Send_an_email' skipped:

Hi, Anyone knows how to solve this error "ActionBranchingConditionNotSatisfied. The execution of template action 'Send_an_email' skipped: the branching condition for this action is not satisfied."? I have a Condition. If Yes, then send an email. If No, no action. it is very simple but I can't get past the email part... Your response is much appreciated. Thanks!
Community Support
Community Support

Hi AC,


Can you please provide the detailed steps in your flow? I will try to reproduce your issue after you offer more information. Please show the trigger, the detailed info about your condition and actions.


Also, try to recreate the flow to test.





Community Support Team _ Mona Li
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I'm also getting the same error plus a second error which appears to relate tot he first email having an error..


Email 1 error:

ActionBranchingConditionNotSatisfied. The execution of template action 'Send_an_email' skipped: the branching condition for this action is not satisfied.
Email 2 error:
ActionConditionFailed. The execution of template action 'Send_an_email_2' is skipped: the 'runAfter' condition for action 'Send_an_email' is not satisfied. Expected status values 'Succeeded' and actual value 'Skipped'.
The steps I use are:
'When an Existing Item is modiified' if 'Field A' is equal to 'A' then send emails.

Hi Mona, 


I re-created the flow, result is still the same.

Please find attached screenshot, for your reference.


Email Error after a Condition.jpg




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Was a resolution for this ever found - I'm encountering the same?

I also experienced the same problem with the 'Send an email' action.


Though I found a solution!


I did see something about an error regarding an 'authentication token has expired' before receiving this issue, after I added the 'Send an email' action to the workflow. The error appeared above the action, but has since disappeared. My guess was that the error was still valid, but the display message for the error has disappeared.


You can resolve this by:


Navigate to your 'Send email' action, and click the '...' > 'My connections' > 'Add new connection'. When I had this error, it was because I had to re-authenticate whatever token is required to sustain the connection. By adding a new connection, it was re-authenticated and emails were successfully sent.


Be sure to check the correct email inbox as well, especially if you are using a demo user rather than your regular inbox.

I am also experiencing this error, but with the "Create an event" action for Google Calendar. I tried re-authorizing with no luck. Any other ideas?

Oh wait, I think I was misunderstanding and thought it was an error with the action itself, but I think I messed up my condition (checking category "equals" Blue category, instead of category "contains" Blue category).

Did you ever find a solution to this issue? I am trying to send an email if a condition is equal to Yes as well. It seems to accept the condition but then stalls on that email.

flow email.jpg



Helper IV
Helper IV

I am experiencing this as well.   If I allow the "no" condition to be met, the flow terminates even if my condition is met w/ "approve" after completing and approving an approval.     It always terminates out to the right as "successful, canceled, or failed" even though "approve" was selected and it should have proceeded down the "yes" route.   





Placing "true" or "approve" in the flow condition makes no difference in the error occurring and reported as "false" in the test.   Despite having actually approved the approval/condition and noting it should be "true", its not.   


why is my input expression recorded as "false" on the control designed to be "true" when the approval notification above is "accepted" via teams notification?    It should state "True" when "accepted" as is not, kicking it to terminate or not complete the next step.  





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I am facing the same error. I have a flow to update my SharePoint list to new servicer, using an excel sheet. The condition is that if the SharePoint list's client code and branch code matches with the ones in excel and the stage is not equal to done(in SharePoint) replace the old servicer with new servicer. Somehow it is not satisfying with the condition.


Thank you!

Resolver III
Resolver III

This is just saying that the condition was not met. Sometimes it is a type conversion. You may check that a value is equal to 555,888 and it is comparing a string with a number ("555,888" is not 555,888). Before the condition use the compose function and set it to the item you are comparing. Then you can review the compose outputs to see what you are getting. In the case of the "Approved" the outcome may not be true, but the value "Approved" and so you would need to check it against that string, see image. Also this may need to be in an Apply to Each loop as it may come in an array, even though there is one (it used to).outcomes.png When I'm designing a flow I set everything I'm going to compare or parse so I can see exactly what it is. It saves time debugging later. 

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