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"workItem/dynamicFields/Vsts.TagsAction": "Remove" is no longer working (update devops work item)

I've serveral flows using a Azure Devops Operation called "Update a Work Item".

It allows you to manipulate tags on a work item; in the dropdown menu you can choose "remove", "replace" and "append".


This morning I noticed that tags weren't being removed when they should, so I did some testing:


- The flows run fine, other actions within the same flow are handled as designed.

- If I append a new tag with the flow, it works fine and the item receives a new tag.

- When I change the operation from "append" to "remove" and run the exact same flow again, the tags are not removed.

- I tried rebuilding this operation from scratch, but the result was the same.

- It seems to be affecting several different flows where tags are supposed to be removed.

- Two days ago these flows were running fine without problems. They've been untouched in that time.

- The syntax in the tags-field is not the problem


Weirdly, it looks like the builtin operation for devops is broken, not my flow.

So I'm wondering if I'm the only one affected by this, or if anyone has had any similar problems.



This is part of the raw input:

"host": {
    "parameters": {


The output shows the done-tag still present:


  "System_Tags""[done]; [IMP];


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I've had this tested in multiple organizations, by more than one person. This is not a problem limited to me. 

Both the tagging Remove and Replace functions are broken (Replace is now effectively the same as append), for all item types as far as I can tell.

I don't know if the issue is limited to a datacenter or region, but I have a hard time believing I'm the only person in the world who's using this operation to remove tags in DevOps.


I'm also experiencing this issue and looking for a fix or a work around. Is there a support ticket created for the PowerAutomate team?

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I'm a n00b here. I've posted this in "I found a bug". Where can I log a support ticket with the PowerAutomate team?

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I've created a workaround that seems to be working for me. I've not tested any weird corner cases yet though.

You can find the post here.


It seems the PowerAutomate team has fixed this bugs. My flows that leverage this feature are working correctly now.

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