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sender email is WRONG!


Using MS FLOW to send an email when a CRMDynamics field changes.

FLOW triggers correctly and sends email to correct recipient. However, SENDER is Microsoft PowerApps and Flow <>.

My customers expect email From: me not Smiley Frustrated


Sender should be person who updated trigger field, or, failing that the owner of CRM record.


MSFLOW email ACTION does not appear to allow specifying "From:" field.

Email sender.png


Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong?

Thank you,



Dual Super User
Dual Super User

You aren't doing anything wrong.  This is a known limitation of using Flow (or PowerApps).   Most of the Email actions are hard coded to come from a microsoft service account.  If you use the email actions under Office 365 Outlook the mail will come from whoever is creating the Flow, but there you can change it.  The problem is to set the From field the person creating the email needs "SendAs" permission to that person's mailbox. So its not really feasible on a large scale.   About the best you can do is create a specific service mailbox to use for sending mail and change it to that so it doesn't come from your mailbox.

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Thanks for the reply.


I wonder if the development team would be interested in adding a "normal" user to their testing cadre?

Frustratingly, my email address was used occasionally during testing of the Flow and then that behavior vanished.


Thanks, Gary

Our situation cannot be unique. We use Dynamics CRM / O365 and i'm sure that MS has more than a few clients. I'll see if I can find a Dynamics community and get them involved too. I'll kepp the Flw group updated with anything useful that is uncovered.


Thanks, Gary

As suggested in dynamics community:

"Click on the 'From' field and you will see dynamic values on your right.

Scroll to 'When a record is updated' you will see modified by.

But you will have to get data operators for modified by.

I have explained it in a video here:

The video is not on your question but it talks about getting data operators from owner/user entities.

Once you have done that, email 'From' will get correct value."



He doesn't want to change the TO, he wants to change the FROM.  As I explained that is doable with some of the Send Email action, but it requires that the person who creates/runs the Flow has "Send on Behalf" permisison to the mailbox that you want to use in the FROM.  That's just not feasible.

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Thanks for letting me know.

That was by mistake. I have changed it to 'From'

Gary, you will have to ask users to change email settings under personal options, which allows other users to send email on their behalf.

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