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Advocate I

sharepoint caculated columns showing 13 decimal places in flow email.

I have created a powerapp that once a form is submitted thru the app, it puts the data into a SharePoint list. This list has calculated columns in. I have configured these columns to round up to 2 decimal places. In powerapps i have add the value funtion to the display fields to see only 2 decimal places. That list has the new Microsoft flow running stating that it sends and email when a new item is created. This all works great. My issue lies within the email that flow creates it is adding 11 zeros after the 2 decimal places that I have rounded to.   I see 2 decimal in SharePoint and I see 2 decimal in powerapps. I'm thinking flow is adding the 11 other zeros to the number, so I end up with 13 decimal places. Any suggestions would be wonderful! Thank you in advance.


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I figured out a solution to this issue.  I had to wrap the calculated column formula with a text funtion:


example:  =TEXT([formula], "#.00")


Thank you for your reply.

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I think a possible workaround could apply by introducing an expression derived from

First converting number into string, then replacing the 11 zeros

It looks like such Azure Logic Apps expressions can be used in Flows, according to Stephen's response in this thread

Hope this helps



I figured out a solution to this issue.  I had to wrap the calculated column formula with a text funtion:


example:  =TEXT([formula], "#.00")


Thank you for your reply.

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Actually a small improvement to bgrew's design fixes it completely =TEXT([formula], "#,###.00")  and =TEXT([formula], "#,###") forces no decimal places and no decimal point - thanks for the clue bgrew

Where are you placing this text formula?

@adanew  my calculated column formula is as follows: 0.55 * [column name], how do I wrap it then , can you help please. 

Advocate II
Advocate II

I seem to be having the same issue. I have added the formula as mentioned and I seem to be getting a Syntax Error. Just so I understand and check that I am doing this correctly (more than likely im not). This is the formula im using:


=TEXT([formula], "#,###")


So where abouts do I add the column name which is 'Contact Number'? Do you add it after the equals, before, do you include the TEXT part. I'm not a 100% sure.

Helper I
Helper I

I am a novice at this Flow stuff.


I just created a flow from SharePoint to Outlook and am experiencing the same issue. 


My question is where do I put the =TEXT([formula], "#.00") in at?


Total Daily Build is the one I'm having trouble with. 



Good solutions, but syntax wants single quotes, not double.

Not applicable



Can you please help me with with the text function for this formula:



I've tried this:



And I get "Technical Issue". 


Also, what type of column should it be? Single line of text or number? (I have tried both)


Have you tried the integer function?


In Flow  my expression is:


int(triggerbody()?['Your column name here'])


In SharePoint I have a column for single line of text and the formula is something like this: 


=[Column Name]+[Column Name]+[Column Name]+[Column Name]


Is this for an automatic Flow email?


Hope it helps

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This seems like a possible solution to my issue. However, I also am unsure where you are "wrapping" this formula. Where did you place this TEXT formula?

@Anonymous  @jglose @enmanbj 

You can try to Skip the = before SUM


Try : =TEXT([SUM([1],[10],[2],[3],[4],[5],[6],[7],[8],[9])],"#.0")


I figured it out when i used it nested formulae for my requirement like this : 



Note: IF formula is wrapped in TEXT 

How do you apply this method? I need this resolution as well.

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