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Connecting power BI visuals to Powerapps



I am trying to add a power bi tile to my app, in powerapps. I have dashboards created in power bi, I've pinned multiple tiles to one and I've pinned a live verison of the entire report to another dashboard. The data source for all of these pins is a sharepoint list in sharepoint online.


Now, my issue presents itself when I select the workspace, dashboard and tile from the power bi control.

I am able to select the workspace and dashboard for both of the above settings, but the tile drop down is greyed out when I attempt to select a tile from a dashboard with the individual tiles on it.


I can select from the dropdown, the dashboard and tile that contains the full report live pin, but not the individual pinned tiles I create.


Community Support Team
Community Support Team

Re: Connecting power BI visuals to Powerapps