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Create a Powerapp for showing images stored in a SQL Db



I'm exploring the possibilities to show images stored in a sql db through a Powerapp.

This will be used internally to easy view pictures and search for them.


Before I start on the trial and error way i would love to know if  somebody have some experience on how to set it up/ best practices to share?





Community Support Team
Community Support Team

Re: Create a Powerapp for showing images stored in a SQL Db

Hi @Jadams ,



Do you want to show the image by PowerApps which its data is stored in sql?

I think you can use one gallery to show the images, please try the following wokaround.



App Test:

Add one gallery and Gallery2.Items: '[dbo].[Table_20190227addimagetosqltable]'    ('[dbo].[Table_20190227addimagetosqltable]' is my sql table name and you can change it to your sql name)

And choose the gallery’s Layout in Properties:Image,titile and subtitle

Then change the Image.Image:ImageData (ImageData is the column name in my sql table which stored image’s data,and you can change that to your column name )




Hope this can be helpful.

Best Regards.


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Re: Create a Powerapp for showing images stored in a SQL Db

hi @v-yuxima-msft , thanks a lot for the help i will try this out.


Another way around, the application is a PIM system that stores the images in a sql db. Therefor i posted the original question. I have also an API (for the PIM system) where i can insert a query to pull data from the PIM (in xml format, please find the image attached) , is there a way to connect this as a source to fill a gallery/collection within Powerapps?


The goal is to view the images in powerapps without logging into the PIM application (poor UX in the PIM system and wanted to create a small powerapp to vizualize the data/images from the PIM).


Thanks for the help in choosing the best way Smiley Happy