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How to snap horizontal gallery

I am trying to make a calendar app that uses horizontal gallery to scroll through days, and a vertical gallery on each horizontal card for the calendar items. My first challenge is, I want the horizontal gallery to snap to show the whole card. I have set Snap = true and Navigation Step = 1 but the scroll doesn't snap. I set Show Navigation = true, and that does work, but I was hoping to support swipping. My second challenge is, when the user navigates to the next card, I want that to become the selected card so I can update a header label to reflect the date value of the currently visible horizontal card.


If you looke at the attachment you will see the title bar, the selected date bar, and then a horizontal gallery with a single label on the cards that reflects the date each card represents. I can scroll whole cards only by clicking the left and right navigation buttons. I can only update the selected date label when I select the card.


Any suggestions?

Microsoft Employee

Re: How to snap horizontal gallery

Hello MarionS,


Unfortunately, I don't think the issue #1 can be solved. The "Snap" support for Gallery control is limited to the scrollbar and it currently works in IE only.

The issue #2 however can be solved by checking the Gallery1.VisibleIndex which should always point to the first visible cell index in the gallery.