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Is it possible to create PowerApp with 200 fields and i want to store the data in SharePoint list

I am having a requirement to convert existing excel document to PowerApp. Excel sheet contains more than 200 fields. Since client is already having E5 license, client want to utilize SharePoint to store the data. But question is, is it good idea to store the 200 fields data into SharePoint list with PowerApp?

I know there is limit for SharePoint list columns based on data type. But I am thinking, it is not good design with PowerApp and SharePoint list form. I am thinking of below options.

  1. Create 50 fields in SP list and store remaining fields data into PowerApp local collection. But problem with this approach is, if for some PowerApp got corrupted/deleted then we will be loosing all the existed data.
  2. Create HTML form (with SPFx/.html file with content editor) - This way I can have few fields in SP list, and I can create sub lists with lookup data or I can store some of the fields as json format in multiple lines of text field.

Which approach is best and are there any alternatives for this solution?