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Shoutout Template is only being sent to creator

Everything appears to be working well with the Shoutout template (not using excel), but when a new item is created , a person selected to get the shout doesn't receive the email.  Instead, the email goes to the person that submitted the request.  Where and how can this be modified so that email is delivered to the person selected.
(Additionally, the languare in the email I receive does in fact provide the name of the selected user.)

Community Support Team
Community Support Team

Re: Shoutout Template is only being sent to creator

Hi @cynthiaduke,


Did you mean after you selecting the button in this screen?



I just tested and it seems that I cannot reproduce your issue. The formula for this button is:

Set(_sendShoutout, true);
Navigate(SendConfirmationScreen, None)


 _sendShoutout is set by the OnVisible property of SendConfirmation screen. 

        //set dynamic values for placeholders in email template
            {Field: "{0}", Data:_selectedUser.DisplayName}, {Field: "{1}", Data:_myProfile.DisplayName}, {Field: "{2}", Data: If(IsMatch(_selectedShoutout.Type, "[AEIOUaeiou]", BeginsWith), "an ", "a ")},
            {Field: "{3}", Data: Upper(_selectedShoutout.Type)}, {Field: "{4}", Data: Upper(_appURL)}),
        //write to data source
        Patch(Shoutout, Defaults(Shoutout),
        {CreatorEmail: _myProfile.UserPrincipalName, PrimaryID: Value(Text(Now(), "[$-en-US]yyyymmddhhmmss")), CreatedOnDateTime: Now(), ShoutoutType: _selectedShoutout.Type, 
        RecipientEmail: _selectedUser.UserPrincipalName, Image: UploadedImage1.Image, CreatorName: _myProfile.DisplayName, RecipientName: _selectedUser.DisplayName, Message: MessageInputBox.Text}),
        //set email recipients. If shoutout recipient isn't internal, don't search for their manager
        Set(_emailRecipients, _selectedUser.UserPrincipalName & 
            If(_selectedUser.isInternal || Lower(_selectedUser.CompanyName) = Lower(_myProfile.CompanyName), ";" & Office365Users.Manager(_selectedUser.UserPrincipalName).UserPrincipalName)
    //replace placeholders in email template with dynamic values created above
    ForAll(TemplateData, Patch(Templates, LookUp(Templates, Template="Email"), {Value: Substitute(LookUp(Templates, Template="Email").Value, Field, Data)}));
        Office365.SendEmail(_myProfile.UserPrincipalName, "Shoutout!", LookUp(Templates, Template="Email").Value, {Importance: "Normal", IsHtml: true}),
        Office365.SendEmail(_myProfile.UserPrincipalName, "Shoutout!", LookUp(Templates, Template="Email").Value, 
        {Attachments: Table({Name: "ShoutoutAttachment.jpg", ContentBytes:UploadedImage1.Image, '@odata.type':""}), Importance: "Normal", IsHtml: true})




Community Support Team _ Mona Li
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Re: Shoutout Template is only being sent to creator

Hi Mona,

In reply to your question, yes - after I select the "Send" button.


I read your reply very throughly and it appears that I need to go directly to the "SendConfirmationScreen" and select it.    I then see the property (cell) in the upper left hand corner and select "OnVisible".  Currently there is a small amount of code there starting with "Collect".  (Attachment: SendConfirmationScreen )  Is this the location I should put the code you included?


Beyond that, the only thing I could establish was to go to the View > Variables in the ribbon.  Once I'm in there I can see  _sendShoutout (Attachment: _sendShoutOut), and it puts me in the same area you laid out (Attachment: SendConfirmationScreenOnVisible)  


My guess is that the code you provided for me should show here after I've entered it.  (If I'm correct??)


Thank you in advance for your assistance.  I feel like I am very close!!




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Re: Shoutout Template is only being sent to creator

What's missing here is that the app needs to be shared with the recipient before sending the shoutout- otherwise it'll just go to the person who created the shoutout.