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problems opening Skype for Business URI

Hi guys,


I have this app that have a gallery with contact information, now that we are all pbx on skype for business, I need to chat or call some id in our organization, for this I've tryed out skype for business connector but there is only to send a message not to open a new chat window or launch the app and make a call, just a api call to send a asyncronous message.


I found the skype for business mobile app URI doc here and start using


works great, in iOS launch the Skype for Business app but when I try to start a new chat calling the chat endpoint or call endpoint doesnt work in powerapps, still opening the app but no further action been made, but if I try hitting the uri from safari or any link-enabled-text works great new chat or place a call been made, I even try passing parameters names and values in Launch function with no luck.


This is the OnSelect lines I have used with no success:

Launch(EncodeUrl("ms-sfb://chat?"))   --Launches SFB app

Launch("ms-sfb://call?")  --Launches SFB app

Launch("ms-sfb://call?")  --Launches SFB app

Launch("ms-sfb://call?id=+130590001313")  --Launches SFB app

Launch("ms-sfb://chat","id",ThisItem.ThaEmailField)   --Launches SFB app


Please take note that for the time that I am writing this I havent try any of this on Android Player, and could be an iOS Player issue


Keep tuned,