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All About Community Badges

Badges are a great way of keeping track of your accomplishments in the community. In order to view your badges, select My profile from the drop-down under your avatar on the top right. 



Once you get to your profile, you can see all your current badges. You can hover over each badge to get some more information. For example, the hover text for the first badge shows that I have replied 10 times.




Clicking the arrow on the right allows you to see all your badges. Once you have opened the view that shows all your badges, you can click on a badge for a short description.





You unlock a badge for the initial action and more badges, as you reach certain milestones for the amount of times an action was performed. Some badges are more challenging to receive than others. 

Need a rundown of some of the badges available? Here’s a list: 






Kudos received 

This badge shows how many times someone has given your post a thumbs up (“Kudo”). 



Kudos given 

This shows how many times you have given someone a thumbs up (“Kudo”). 



Topics created 

This shows how many topics you have created. 


Solutions provided 

This shows how many times your response has been confirmed as the correct solution to an issue. 




This shows the amount of times that you have replied to posts by other community members.




Blog contributor 

Community members who contribute especially valuable content to our community can receive the opportunity to contribute to our community blog. Doing so unlocks this badge. 


Grayed out or faded-looking badges mean that you can earn a certain badge, but you haven't unlocked it, yet.



While we do have a Top Kudoed Authors leaderboard, this does not necessarily reflect user badges. We have several roles in the community that are excluded from the Kudo leaderboard. Users with these roles can earn the badges for community participation, such as 'Kudos received', but we exclude them from the leaderboards. Examples of the users that are not included on the leaderboards would be admins, such as myself, and members of our Community Support Team.






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