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Community Thread Icons - What do they mean?

When looking at the individual community boards, you may have noticed certain icons, mostly on the right side...



...sometimes on the left side of a thread.




Community icons have a variety of meanings:

Icon Image




This thread has been “floated”/pinned to the top of the board to get more visibility. Content can be floated by admins long-term (such as important informational articles) or temporarily, such as event announcements. If a thread is floated, you can tell that it’s important.



This thread contains a post that has been marked as a solution to the original question or issue. If you are experiencing the same problem, it is likely that you will find your solution here. You can learn more about asking, answering, and accepting solutions here.



This thread was locked by an Admin. You can't post in it. For example, some of our threads for new community members have been locked, as they are purely informational, not for conversation.


Threads with this icon are relevant to multiple Power Users communities and have therefore been cross-shared. This means that community members in different communities can discuss the same article without having to leave their own community. You can learn more about the technology used for this, ICS, here.



This thread has publicly been marked as moved to another location, such as the archive. Click on the thread title to view more information.



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