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Kudos and the Top Kudoed Authors widget

In this support article, we cover the following topics:

  • What are Kudos?
  • What's the difference between kudos and accepted solutions?
  • The Top Kudoed Authors widget


What are Kudos?

A. Kudos are similar to "Liking" a post on Facebook.  Kudos are a quick thumbs-up you can give to your fellow community members to show appreciation for a discussion comment, such as a helpful solution. By giving kudos to a message you promote good content and its creator.


What's the difference between kudos and accepted solutions?

A. Knowing when to use Kudos and when to use Accepted Solutions is extremely important. Kudos are a good way of recognizing a useful post whereas Accepted Solutions should be used for posts that solved your problem. Threads that contain a message that has been accepted as a solution are prioritized on search results and always appear on top. This makes it easier for you to find a solution to your problem.



The Top Kudoed Authors widget

This displays in the right rail of the community home page. The users displayed in the widget is for the Last Month (30 Days). To see the same segment, but for a different time range, click the See all >> link below the list. You will be able to change the time range to Last Day (24 Hours), Last Week (7 Days), Last 6 Months, Last Year, and All Time.

If you have clicked into a Forum, you will see the Top Kudoed Authors for the Last Month (30 Days) for that particular Forum. The instructions for the See all >> link are the same as above.

You can modify the date range for which the top authors are displayed by clicking on your avatar on the top right, navigating to My settings > Preferences > Kudos, and changing the 'Top Kudoed Authors component' time range from 'Use default (The last year)' to your desired time period.



Refresh the page to see the author information for the time range that you chose.

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