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Power Platform Community Super User Requirements

Hey Power Platform Fans!

How the Power Platform Super User Program works

Every six months, (January 1st & July 1st) an assessment is made and an offer is extended to the top-contributing members of the Power Platform Community to join the Super User crew! The Power Platform Community Super Users are our community Super Users that are here all the time to help you out! Here we are explaining the details and specifying how YOU could become nominated to become a Microsoft Power Platform Community Super User!

It's no secret that our awesome Power Platform Online Communities are growing. And over the past 2 years, as a whole, we have all really formed what it means to be a contributing member of the Power Platform Online Community. Along with that, our top-contributing community members have really shown what it means to give back to this growing community in a hugely meaningful way. When creating the Super User program itself and then the nomination requirements, we feel it's also necessary to mention what it really means to be a Power Platform Community Super User. 

Achieving this is truly not an easy accomplishment. This title is reserved for only those who are constantly displaying their commitment and dedication to this online community by being here during any time that they can spare to help answer new questions being posted and to help find solutions. Community members who are titled Super Users are the few and the proud that have enough room in their big hearts and their busy schedules to come to the Power Platform community as often as they can to be there for the place that has been there for them so many times before. Offering your time and attention to help others learn out of the goodness of your heart is an amazing feeling, and this is what makes a Super User. Read more on the Power BI community about what it takes to be a Super User.

All regular Microsoft Power Platform Community Members that are NOT a Microsoft Employee in any way are eligible to become a Power Platform Community Super User. Community contributions that count towards your Super User nomination are described but not limited to the following community contributions.

  • Authoring Accepted Solutions
  • Receiving Kudos
  • Posting Community Blog Articles
  • Posting ANY Gallery Submissions (Cookbook, Apps, Videos, Data, Bots, etc.)

So, now you have an idea of what it takes to become a Super User, you know the amount of passion and allegiance that it takes. Once you've achieved the required amount of contributions, community management will send a message to your Power Platform community profile and you will be asked to join the Super User crew! Now, I'd like to explain how when you are able give back to the Power Platform Community at a rate that qualifies you as a Super User, the Power Platform Community will begin to give back to you in meaningful ways as well! Here are just some of the awesome special privileges that Power Platform Community Super Users are granted along with their "Super User" title:

  • Super Users get an awesome rank icon right next to their Community Username!
  • Super Users have extra permissions within the Community to Accept Solutions on any posts!
  • There's a Monthly Super User Meeting hosted by Me(Gabriel) where you get the first glance at Power Platform Community Updates
  • When Super Users give "Kudos", they are worth 2 Kudos each!!
  • Super Users participate in special secret Missions that are chances to compete with other Super Users for great prizes!
  • Super Users get their own private discussion board within their specific Power Platform Community!

Super User Seasons

Just as the points assessments are done every 6 months to decide the new Super User ranks, existing Super Users are each given a new Super User Seasonal profile badge at this time to signify that they maintained their place in the program and will be a part of the next 6 month "Super User Season". We signify each Super User season with a new profile badge as it is a representation of each time you met the minimum score requirements and made it into the program or kept your spot on the program. We believe that each of these moments is a grand achievement on its own! 

Super User Tiers

The Super User tiered ranking system has been implemented to allow for more growth and fairness throughout the Super User program. This will allow us to remove and add new Super Users as well as move them up or down in ranking every six months based on the community contribution points system developed by the Power Platform Community Management team. Contribution point values are kept hidden until you've made it into the program. This basically means that there are now three tiers of the program and the lowest tier offers a chance at participating in the Super User program to many more members as now any community member can simply reach the minimum points threshold (100) over each 6-month season to be part of the program!

The three tiers will exist as follows for regular and dual Super Users:

  • Super User (Lower Tier)          
  • Super User II (Middle Tier)
  • Super User III (Upper Tier)
  • Super User IV (Power BI Only)
  • Dual Super User (Lower Tier)          
  • Dual Super User II (Middle Tier)
  • Dual Super User III (Upper Tier)

Point Brackets Breakdown     


Points Bracket

Super User IV (Power BI Only)

3,000 + Points

Super User III (Upper)

1,000+ Points

Super User II (Middle)

300 - 1,000 Points

Super User (Lower)

100 - 300 Points

**Repeated content, duplicated content, and spam content is not counted towards your Super User contribution points. In addition, any users found to be misusing, manipulating, or otherwise tampering with the Super User algorithm will be automatically disqualified and possibly banned from forum participation. Those who make it to the minimum points requirement are tracked and assessed on an individual basis before being offered a spot in the Power Platform Community Super User programs. All members of the Power Platform Super User crews are subject to approval by the Microsoft Power Platform Community Team. Super Users have 90 days to accept a regular Super User season invitation. After 90 days, the invitation is no longer valid.**


Thanks for reading!

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