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Subscriptions and Notifications

In this support article, we cover the following topics:

  • Subscribing to a Category
  • Subscribing to a Topic
  • Subscribing to a Label
  • Bookmarks
  • Managing & Viewing your Subscriptions & Bookmarks
  • A Note on Following Friends on Mobile


Subscriptions ensure that you receive automated messages about the most recent posts and replies. There are multiple ways in which you can subscribe to content and boards in the community.

Please note that if you have created an AAD (Azure Active Directory) account you won't be able to receive e-mail notifications.


Subscribing to a Category 

When a user is looking at the entire category, they can now select from the Options dropdown and select Subscribe.


Updated Subscribe image.JPG


A user can select to Subscribe to all of the boards or partial and select only the boards that they want to receive notifications on then click save.


Subscribe 2.JPG


Subscribing to a Topic

You can also subscribe to a single topic by clicking the Subscribe from the Options dropdown menu, while you are viewing the topic or in the general board overview respectively.

Subcribe to board.png

Subscribing to a Label

  1. You can find the labels at the bottom left of a post.
  2. From a particular post with a label, click on the label to filter by that label.SubscribetoLabels1.PNG


     3. This will bring up a list of posts with the label that you have selected. Click Subscribe.



Note: You can only subscribe to a label at the board level. If you subscribe to a label named 'Business' at board #1, it will not automatically subscribe you to an identically named label at board #2. You will have to subscribe twice, once at each board.



Just like you can subscribe to topics and categories, you can also bookmark topics and boards from the same menus. Simply go to the Topic Options dropdown menu to bookmark a topic or the Options dropdown to boomark a board.





The difference between subscribing and bookmarking is that subscriptions provide you with notifications, whereas bookmarks provide you a static way of easily accessing your favorite boards from the My subscriptions area.

Managing & Viewing Your Subscriptions & Bookmarks

To manage your subscriptions, click on your avatar and select My subscriptions from the drop-down menu.

My subscriptions.png


From the Subscriptions & Notifications tab, you can manage your subscriptions, including your e-mail subscription options, your bookmarks, your notification settings, and your Email notification format.




You can see a list of all your subscriptions and bookmarks and choose which ones to delete, either individually or in bulk, by checking multiple boxes.




A Note on Following Friends on Mobile

Adding someone as a friend or selecting Follow in the mobile view does not allow you to subscribe to their activity feed. You will merely be able to see your friends’ biography, other personal information, or online status, and send messages more quickly by choosing who to send the message to from a list, as opposed to having to search by username.

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