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Time Zone Not Supported - Support Article for UG Leaders

If you are a user group leader who receives an error stating, "Current timezone is not supported..." when creating an event for your user group, please follow the three steps below and email the information to: 

1. Please tell us what browser and version you are currently accessing the community with.

Click on the 3 ellipses in the upper right-hand corner of your screen, select Help, then About.


Following these steps will take you to a page which gives you the browser name and version.



Please save a screen shot of this information.


2. What time zone is your computer set to?

Go to Settings on your computer, select Time and Language, and drop down to select Date & Time.

 Please save a screen shot of your time zone.


3. After you have received the error message "Current time zone is not supported…," please navigate to the user groups homepage.

On that page, Right click on the screen and select Inspect.


Go to the Console tab and click on the Clear Console button.


Type; next to the prompt ‘>’ and hit Enter.

Save the time zone value returned by the browser.


 In example: “Asia/Calcutta” is the value returned in the above example.

Once you have gathered the requested information, please email the screen shots and time zone value to:


If you need assistance gathering this information, please let us know.

In the meantime, we are happy to create your event for you. Please send us an email:

and provide all of the event details.


For additional support, please fill out our support form here:

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