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Using @mentions

@mentions enable users to call out other community members and community content within a post. This is helpful for responding to a forum topic when you want to link to another post that includes some helpful information.

Community supports two kinds of @mentions:

  • User mentions
  • Content mentions

User Mentions

With User Mentions, users can call out specific users in their posts and invite them to join the conversation. You might @mention a user when you know they can answer a question or provide valuable insight into a thread. Or, you might just want to make sure they see it when you want to say thank you or give public praise.

Let’s say you want to thank a user (Admirkind) for his great answer to a question you asked. Using the Rich Text editor, enter his user name, preceded by an "at" symbol (@). In this example, you enter “@admirkind”. As you type, a pop-up menu appears with matching names. You can either continue typing the name or select a name from the list.

Note: You must be on the Rich Text tab to add a user mention. You cannot be on the HTML tab.



When you select or finish entering the name, the mentioned user name is highlighted, as shown here:




When users are mentioned in posts, they are sent emails to let them know.


Content Mentions

Content Mentions enable users to call out specific posts within the body of a message. It's a way to quickly embed a link to other content in the community. Content mentions are supported in all conversation styles in both topics and replies/comments.


Let’s say you're responding to a forum topic and you want to link to another post that includes some helpful information. Using the Rich Text editor, type the @ symbol. Before any letters are added after the @symbol, A default list of content authored by the current users appears in a pop-up.



Type keywords in the subject or body of the message you want to link to.


As you type, search results with messages matching that keyword organized by conversation style appear in the pop-up. You may enter multiple words in the mentions pop-up. When multiple words are entered, all words must be present in the subject and/or body.




When you select an item in the list, Community adds the subject of the post with a hyperlink in the body of your message.




When content is mentioned in posts, authors are sent emails to let them know.

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