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What it means to be a Power Automate Community Super User (Flownaut)

Hey there, Power Automate Fans!


Being nominated as a Microsoft Power Automate Community Super User (Flownaut) comes once you've met the contribution requirements and you've shown that you are a dedicated Community Member! There is a formula used every three months to find the top community contributors and calculate who has met the Power Automate Community Super User requirements! If you are interested in elevating your Power Automate Community participation and utilizing your expertise to give back to the Power Automate Community at a Super User level, then you could have what it takes to become a Flownaut! This is truly an impressive professional accomplishment as it takes expertise and dedication of time and energy to give back to the community.


Online communities are typically driven and supported mostly by the public, and our Super Users are truly an emulation of exactly that. Even though conversations inside online technical support communities can be rather data-centered, Super Users contribute to the efforts of making the forums an overall more friendly and useable source of information.


Flownauts are simply our most dedicated Power AutomateFlow Community members, that have opted to commit to continuing their rock-star community efforts with the title and badge of "Flownaut" by their community username. This makes them easily noticeable as the top-ranked members of the Community and community members are able to identify them as an expert in the community to get help from. Super Users are usually experts of a certain subject matter related to the Power Automate product and they spend time helping Power Automate users solve issues by answering their questions in the Flow community that pertain to their area of expertise. Flownauts also help point community members in the right direction whenever they see someone in need of help with matters outside of their expertise!


Needless to say, being a Power Automate Community Super User (Flownaut) is no simple achievement! Please feel free to reach out to a Flownaut if you see one and give them congratulations on being an all-star top Power Automate Community participant!


This amazing accomplishment comes with many great benefits and opportunities! (See Nomination Requirements Thread)


Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions regarding the Power Automate Community Super User (Flownaut) Program!

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