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Update Dynamics 365 Activity with Lookup Value



I'm trying Power Automate to fill in an account (custom field) lookup field on a Dynamics 365 custom activity record. But I cannot seem to make it work. The flow below works fine until the update record step. I get either error messages or completed flows without any update on the target record. In the flow I first capture the account from the regarding contact that is always filled in. But the problem is at the updating lookup step.


I tried many options to fill the lookup;

- Some blogs say a lookup should be entered as accounts(...) with the accountid within the brackets. This gives me erros

- If I fill the account_id that I found in the Get Account step, the flow works fine, but does not update the activity record lookup.

- I can also not find the Common Data Service connector some people talk about. I can only find the Dynamics 365 connector - I checked my license also has a CDS option checked.


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