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ūüÜē Build your flow just by describing it. ūüďĘ Give us your feedback!

Hello everyone! ūüĎč We recently announced the release of our new feature that allows users to create cloud flows from a description. This feature is designed to help anyone quickly and easily create flows by just describing what you want to automate in everyday language.


Just today we’ve released an update that improves the AI engine that can translate descriptions into Power Automate cloud flows.

NL2Flow 20 seconds.gif

It’s easy and free to use it. Just:

  1. Login to
  2. Go to the Create page on the left menu.
  3. Select You Describe it, AI Builds it



Note: This capability is currently available in environments based in the United States. If you don’t have access to an environment that's based in the United States, you can create a new environment and select United States as the region.


From the team behind this feature, we would love to hear your feedback. Please let us know what you think and your experience using it by:



I‚Äôm looking forward to reading your comments! ūüôā

Helper II
Helper II

Thanks Joe, would love to try this out, but can't seem to get past the 3GB space requirement to create an environment in US. My region is currently Europe and despite having plenty of space there, and telling the US environment not to create a DB, it throws error, even tried just a sandbox environment and then it tells me because of my account I need to create a production environment... any ideas on how to get a sandbox environment going to test capabilities of AI flows?

Power Apps
Power Apps

Hi @GavinF69 - thanks for letting me know! I'd recomment trying to sign up for a developer plan here: Power Apps Developer Plan | Microsoft Power Apps this will let you have an environment based in the US where you can test this feature. 


Let me know if this works for you. 

Thanks Joe, will give it a try

Post Prodigy
Post Prodigy

I thought it worked great!  Far better than I'd expected! 

I put in a long sentence similar to "when the status of an item is changed in a SharePoint list, I'd like to copy a multi-select lookup column to another list with a similar multi-select lookup column and then delete the original item".  

It did not do exactly what I wanted but got me far closer; quicker than had I done it on my own.   At this point, It is adding my line item however many times there were items selected in the multiple choice lookup field instead of one line show multiple items in the lookup field. 

Still working on the last part, but pretty exciting stuff for those of us who are not programmers.

Power Apps
Power Apps

Really cool - thanks for sharing @CindyZ! If you're ok with it, once you finish saving the flow feel free to share a screenshot here so we can get inspired. ūüôā

Will do!! 

Helper IV
Helper IV

Looks very cool but as I feared -- went to my +Create page and got "not available in your area" .

But can't wait to try it when available in GCC!     Any timeframe for that?  

Power Apps
Power Apps

Hi @MelissaReed! ūüôā Indeed, this is not yet available for GCC. We're targeting spring time for GCC availability. 

Frequent Visitor

Is there a way to attach the attachment directly to the planner task? or does it have to be in Sharepoint and just have the link included?


Other than than, very helpful!



Power Apps
Power Apps

Hi @ajohnson1, thank you for sharing this use case! ūüôā Unfortunately there is not a way to directly add an attachment to a Planner task from Power Automate. A possible workaround is to upload the email attachment to a storage like SharePoint and then add a link to the task description. Like this: 




Thank you!


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We are so excited to see you for the Microsoft Power Platform Conference in Las Vegas October 3-5 2023! But first, let's take a look back at some fun moments and the best community in tech from MPPC 2022 in Orlando, Florida.   Featuring guest speakers such as Charles Lamanna, Heather Cook, Julie Strauss, Nirav Shah, Ryan Cunningham, Sangya Singh, Stephen Siciliano, Hugo Bernier and many more.   Register today:   

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