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BUG REPORT: Datatable control loses fields as of 2.0.690


NOT Resolved.  Getting the same issue.  Very frustrating. I have to re-create the data tables everytime before publishing.


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I'm facing the same issue on the Web Version 2.0.707.  I have a DataTable with a Data Source that points to a SharePoint Online List.   As soon as I put in a Filter in the Items property for the DataTable it erases the data source.  This is the last thing we need to finish this app that we are supposed to roll out before Thanksgiving.  Any update?

yes still facing the issue with datatables. it is very frustating and have to define the fields again and agin. Requesting Microsoft to fix the bug.

Apologies for the trouble you are facing. We are actively working on a fix and will let you know the release it will be in soon.


Why does this happen?

- Data table currently uses the data in the data source to determine the columns and types. It does this to correctly respond to the new data source (or data source's updated structure/metadata) and update itself.


Some tips to unblock you:

- Check to make sure that you have data in the data source and data returned as a result of any filter you may be applying.

- If you are binding to a collection, you are likely calling ClearCollect somewhere that is clearing out the data. Many times app developers put ClearCollect in OnVisible of screens so when you change screens and come back the data is gone and column selection is lost (since Data table relies on the data to decide the type of the columns).

- A better and arguably the right place to call ClearCollect is OnStart so move your ClearCollect calls there.

[Update] One more tip, if you are hitting this situation when editing the Items property using the formula bar, try to copy paste the formula instead of typing it out. Use another temporary Data table to tune and get to the formula you want and then copy paste into the Items of the original Data table. 


Also the problem is limited to authoring (Studio) only. It does not affect the Player. Once you publish an app with Data table and the right columns selected it will not clear the columns as a result of an empty data source.




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I am STILL having issues with this.  I can get the Filter applied to my DataTable and it will work, however, if I have to refresh the Data Source at all it will erase the Data Table.  Now I have another issue when if I go in to re-add my column associations after it clears the table then the data table source is stuck loading.  My only option at this point is to delete the Data Table and re-add.  This is very frustrating!  I have a crucial app that we are trying to go live with before Thanksgiving and this issue is holding us back. 


Any update when this issue will be resolved?  

I too still have the same issue and it is slowing down development alot... having to re-build the datatable. Worse if you have additional formatting on the table because you have to go through the process all over again.  


I talked with @pratapladhani about this specific issue.


He said they are working on a fix.


You may want to reach out directly to Microsoft.






Sorry to hear about the problems you are facing. Can both of you confirm the version you are one? Are you seeing this on 690?


The Updating fields issue has been fixed in 710. If you are using 710 or higher and still seeing it please let us know.


The Data table losing field selection issue is fixed in 720 but it is not available yet. It should be available around mid next week.


April when you say "refresh" the data are you talking about doing this for a collection or some other data source. And therefore are you using a function or clicking on the Refresh button when you run into this problem? Will help us ensure this is not a different issue. Also given you are working with a tight timeline will try and find a way for us to collaborate and unblock you.




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I'm on version 2.0.713. I am experience this behavior when refreshing the data source.  In my case I had added a field in the backend SharePoint List so I needed to refresh my data source to surface that data up. 

Thanks. I tried this scenario on 713 and did not run into the issue. I tried various scenarios with and without filter and also closing re-opening app. Each time the fields updated (add and removed) without changing the Data table column/field selection. Can you describe the settings and sequence which leads to this error for you?




I'm on version 2.0.711 and still seeing the issue.

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