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Hyperlinks in Powerapps



I have a field in my Excel table that is a hyperlink. Are there any instructions on how to activate the hyperlink when I'm in the PowerApps application? Is this even allowed?



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I did find I needed to encode the URL, so I replaced the colon and forward slash with %3A and %2F.  That worked.  I guess I could have used the "http://" in quotes to get around the encoding.  

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Power Apps

You can set the OnSelect property of the control you use to display the item and use the Launch function to navigate to the URL.


For example, if you have the following table:



And you bind it to a gallery. In the gallery template, you add a text box control, with the following properties:

Text: ThisItem.SearchEngine
OnSelect: Launch(ThisItem.Address)

If someone clicks (or taps) on the text box, it will launch the corresponding webpage.

Thanks for that.. Been a great help!


If you just want to give a link, type in Launch("URL")


Hope it helps if you have this query 🙂


please explain this in details i cant get it.

or send some screen shot please. 

thank you



Bind a gallery to the Excel table, and add e.g. a text box (label) into the gallery. Bind the text box to that field, and set it to react when clicked/tapped.


Gallery1.Items = ExcelTable

Gallery1.Label1.Text = NameOfHyperlinkField

Gallery1.Label1.OnSelect = Launch(Label1.Text)


I hope this helps.

Radu Gruian [MSFT] ** PowerApps Staff

Oh I forgot to mention that im using sharepoint, im pulling lists from sharepoint, so I want to put a map in the powerapp, like add a button that when you click it n it takes you to the google map, is that possible??

I wanna add something like location for my clients… if it possible please help me.



Yes, please use the Launch function the way we described above:


    ThatSpecialButton.OnSelect = Launch(some_url)


It sounds like you need to navigate to a URL within Google that I happen not to be familiar with, you will have to assemble the URL yourself. My suggestion would be to try this in a web browser first, then copy-paste the correct URL you see in the browser's address bar and replace the components that your app is supposed to fill in. You can use PowerApps language functions and simple text operators (such as the concatenation operator, '&') to assemble the URL that you need.


I hope this helps.

Radu Gruian [MSFT] ** PowerApps Staff
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What am I missing here?  I can set a property in a column in a DataTable, IsHyperlink, to true, which causes the data in that column to look like a hyperlink, but not actually be clickable, and instead I have to use a workaround like this to make the column a true hyperlink?  Does Microsoft have any plan to rectify this?  Btw, my version of PowerApps doesn't seem to recognize "ThisItem".  Can you shed any light on either of these?  Thanks.

Hi could you please put an example..screenshots or something please 

Hi Peter, setting IsHyperlink will only set the color as a link and make it clickable. To make it function as a link you will need to further set OnSelect to something like Launch(URL). If you are trying to make Phone or Email data as clickable you can use the View phone and View email visualizations that will automatically provide the default behavior i.e. you will not need to set OnSelect.


The reason IsHyperlink does not automatically render functional links is because app authors need to be able to control and override the functionality i.e. what should the app do when the link is clicked.


However I do see that it is confusing. We will work on making it better/more understandable. An option would be to remove IsHyperlink and provide a new View link visualization (in alignment with View email and View phone) that gives you the link behavior quickly. If app authors want custom OnSelect then they will have to revert back to View text visualization.




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