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Launch("tel:" & fieldname) question

I am calling to a SharePoint List that has all of my vender telephone numbers.


I have a field call Office Phone.


I want to create a button that will call the number in the field from my iphone


I update the button property in the OnSelect field with Launch("tel:" & Office_x0020_Phone) and it does not work


Any thoughts or suggestions?





Hi Chris,


Here's the latest session details that I attempted a few minutes ago:


Session ID: d4dd4d14-511f-6b16-e798-7769c972ad47


Kind Regards,




Thank you, Henry.  We have found the issue and are working on a fix.

Hi Chris,


Thanks for the quick response.


I shall wait for the "fix" then.





There seems to be a workaround: using "tel://" instead of "tel:" works.  Could you please confirm?

Hi Chris,


Your suggested workaround "tel://" works.  


Is "tel:" should not be used from now on, or it would be restored in the future? 





We will restore it in the future.

Frequent Visitor

My original Post was asking for help with the syntax of the launch command calling to a list field that has a telephone number.  I cannot get it to work.  It was a great discussion discovering that the "tel:" command has been updated.


Do you have any input or suggestions for my question below?




I have a Share Point List with vendor names and telephone numbers.  There is a field named Phone that has the vendor telephone number.  I want to be able to lookup the vendor and call from my iPhone.


I created an app.  I can lookup the vendor. 


I added a Button and on the OnSelect I added the following command:  Launch("tel:" & Phone) and now changed it to Launch("tel://" & Phone) and it does not work.


When I run the app and hit the Button nothing happens.


If I change the OnSelect command to Launch("tel: 4431234567") where I hard code the telephone number it works.


Does anyone have any suggestions?


Thank you.

Hi Jrines - how does your 'OnCurrent' know which record / phone # to populate there?  If you put a text box and make it's text ["tel:"& Phone] - it should give you an error like "Expecting table, got text" or something?  You would need to do a lookup or filter.. ex ["tel:"&LookUp(Phone#Table,VendorName in VendorNameTextBox.Text,Phone)] Or if using gallery to select ["tel:"&LookUp(Phone#Table, VendorName in GalleryX.Selected.VendorName,Phone)]

Hello jarrystowe


I appreciate your input.  I am new at this so please go easy.


My app layout:

All venders are listed in BrowseGallery by name

I select a Vender and it goes to Detail screen showing Name address and telephone number

On the Detail screen I added a Button.

In the OnSelect function of the Button, I added Launch("tel:" & Phone)  *** There is a Yellow triange stating Invalid Name.

Per earlier post I also entered Launch("tel://" & Phone) but it made no difference.


It seems I already selected the record and that I should be able to call the the telephone field "Phone".  But I am obviously missing something???


Again I am calling to a Sharepoint List.


Your thoughts Please.


Many Thanks.







See my example below - this doesn't have anything to do with "Launch" but it should show you how to see what you have selected - as general practice when I am making applications I like to set up temporary text/label boxes that show selected values, so you know what you're working with - you should be able to implement this by


Launch("tel:/"& NameOfGallery.Selected.Phone) [I don't use launch though, but I know your formula was not selecting a record, so maybe this would work]






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