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Modified By field in sharepoint list is not set to PowerApp user editing an entry.



in my scenario I use a PowerApp form connected to a sharepoint list to update existing list items (which were created by a flow). 

I want to know the user who edited the item and thought this information should be stored in the "Modified By" field. However, it seems that the information there is always the user info of the "owner" of the flow connection which was used to generate the listitem.

I still have permisison problems as no other user than me is able to save the PowerApp form although I have set the permisisons for the individual listitems to roledefid=1073741827 or roledefid=1073741830. But it is not my user info either that is stored in this field when I do testing (I am not the owner of the connectors).

Power Apps
Power Apps

Hi @OlafStetzer ,

It sounds like you are trying to show who last modified a record in an app connected to SharePoint. But for you, it is only showing the owner of the flow connection.


This is because the flow is running in the context of the person who made the flow.


If you edit the same item in PowerApps, the 'ModifiedBy' field will change to be the person who logged in. Can you share more about the use case of using a flow to update the data instead of doing it directly in app?

The use cas is as follows:


- Workflow 1 creates listitem

- PowerApp form is used to modify the listitem by a user (specifically add attachments)

- Workflow 2 is triggered by create or modify listitem and processes the modified listitem (especially the added attachements)


So in principle the user updating the record witht he powerapp form should be recorded in the modified by field but apparantly this is not happening (yet). Maybe a permisison problem...? The whole sharepoint including the list is set to read only for all users, only individual listitems are set to "edit" or modify" for specific users who are supposed to upload files. I am still trying to figure out which is the correct permisison I need. I guess it is "edit".

Some additional information:

I want to know who uploaded the files to the listitem using the powerapp form.....

As usual, the answers to these questions are vague and do NOT HELP AT all.

Why does MICROSOFT make everything so COMPLICATED??? 

The CReated BY and Modified BY columns show the owner of the workflow.


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