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Advocate I
Advocate I

Play Mode not showing labels in gallery - Edit Mode is



Edit mode is showing my data in the gallery correctly.


When using Play Mode the label controls do not show my returned data. The Combo box though is working correctly.


Edit Mode below:

edit mode powerapps.PNG


And in Play Mode

play mode powerapps.PNG

The data is an Azure SQL Server database and the gallery has the correct number of records displayed.


I notice several other posts in recent weeks related to this that could be related.


I hope someone can help.



Community Support
Community Support

Hi @RobynPr,


Did you mean that when the DisplayMode property of the gallery control is set to "DisplayMode.View", data inside a Label control does not show correctly?

What is the Text property of this label control set to? What is the data type? Please make sure that you have referenced proper property within the Gallery control. I have made a test on my side and don't have the issue that you mentioned. 


The Text property of the label control should be set to:


More details about the Gallery control, please check the following article:

Gallery control


If the issue still exists, please consider take a try to fresh your SQL Table data source within your app, and check if the data would show correctly in View mode.


Best regards,


Community Support Team _ Mona Li
If this post helps, then please consider Accept it as the solution to help the other members find it more quickly.

Hi Mona


By Edit Mode, I mean when you go into the app as a developer, you select to Edit the app - from within that you can run it. That is what my first image shows where results are returned and clearly displayed.


By Play Mode, I mean playing the published app. That is what the second image indicates. As you can see there are records displayed in the gallery but the two labels are not displayed.


And yes I am trying to display ThisItem.ColumnName - it works when running the app in Edit mode as per the images.


I have already refreshed my data connections.


After seeing a similar problem on another post I was able to  make it work in Play Mode if I turned off the 'Advanced Setting' of 'Explicit Column Selection' - so there appears to be a problem when the setting is on. When testing with the two options I change the setting and then save and publish before testing in Play Mode.


Do you have similar problems reported? It seems that the app is incorrectly determining the Explicit Columns that it can use .


I suspect that it might have something to do with using a collection (CurriculumICanList) in the query. This was the only way I could achieve a Left Outer Join (long story). The fields that are not displaying come from the CurriculumICanList collection. But the 'AS' checkbox is displaying data which also comes from the collection - so the display or lack of it is not consistent.


The database is an Azure SQL Server.


Filter(AddColumns(CurriculumICanList,"StudentInfo",LookUp('[dbo].[StudentICan]',StudentID=ComboFilterStudent.Selected.ID && ICanID = CurriculumICanList[@ICanID])),If(CheckboxILP.Value,StudentInfo.ILPActive = true, StudentInfo.ILPActive = false || StudentInfo.ILPActive = true || IsBlank(StudentInfo.ILPActive)),If(RadioAchieved.Selected.Value = "Both", true, If(RadioAchieved.Selected.Value = "Achieved", StudentInfo.Achieved = true , StudentInfo.Achieved = false || IsBlank(StudentInfo.Achieved))))


And here is the code for the collection used above


ClearCollect(CurriculumICanList,Sort(Filter('[dbo].[CurriculumICan]',LearningArea = ComboLearningAreaFilter.Selected.LearningArea, CurriculumLevel = ComboBoxLevel.Selected.CurriculumLevel,If(CheckboxAchievementStandard.Value, AchievementStandard = true, true)),Ordering,Ascending))

I also discovered another problem in the app in play mode. I get the following when trying to change the ILP checkbox

field missing.PNG

which is related to the first line which is:-



Again, in Edit Mode this works and the field can be displayed in the gallery. Notice that not everything has to be ThisItem.ColumnName.



I hope this makes sense.








Hi RobynPr,


I have had similar issues and I just found a solution and thought I would pass it on to you. Try going to File -> App settings -> Advanced settings and turn off "Explicit column selection". Hope this works for you. It solved my issue.


Edit: Did not thoroughly read your post above, looks like it worked for you as well! I spent so much time trying to figure out why this wouldn't work for myself as well.



Good luck!

Advocate I
Advocate I

Could be something as simple as a blank 'Item' property. Select the card that the labels are on and then see what the 'Item' property contains. If this is blank it will show in edit but will dissapear in preview. 



Hi @ajnunezjr


The gallery's items property has the filter code from my previous post. 


Thanks for the suggestion.

Advocate III
Advocate III

Hi, we are having this same issue all of a sudden. Was working fine but something changed and now the main screen in our app won't load properly. Works fine when I am editing the app and click Preview, but once I finish, save and publish, and go to Play (run) the app, the galleries are empty. They pretend to load but everything is blank!! What changed??


Edit1: The setting "Explicit column selection" is already disabled, so it can't be that.


Edit2: Also tried dropping and re-adding the connection, which did not fix the issue.

Hi @aorphan 


Try as per my previous comments:-


"After seeing a similar problem on another post I was able to  make it work in Play Mode if I turned off the 'Advanced Setting' of 'Explicit Column Selection' - so there appears to be a problem when the setting is on. When testing with the two options I change the setting and then save and publish before testing in Play Mode."

Not applicable

Just chipping in to say that I experienced this bug, and the "Explicit Column Selection" setting appears to be the culprit. I have other galleries which work fine, so maybe worth pointing out a couple of things about this gallery in case it helps diagnose any issue.


  • The gallery is flexible height
  • Its datasource is a collection
  • The affected label is an auto-height label (the gallery consists of one label only)

Another thing to point out is that at first it seemed that this fix hadn't worked. I saved the app, published it and launched it within about 2 seconds, and the label still didn't display. However, I then relaunched the app and the label was there so if you try this fix give it a moment before testing, to allow your app to replicate throughout the infrastructure.

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