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Power Virtual Agents System Fallback Topic

Ever been there? You know what question you want to ask to a chatbot, but it is not trained to understand it, so instead telling you, it doesn’t know the answer, it’s just constantly asking you to rephrase the question?


Well, Power Virtual Agents used to be one of them. If user was asking a question that the PVA was not configured to answer (there was no topic with trigger phrases matching user’s question), bot was asking twice user to rephrase their question, so in the end user had to type that question three times, before bot actually told them, that it is not capable of answering it so it will hand it over to a human agent.



Of course, if the human agent integration was configured 😉


System Fallback

With the rollout of the 2020 Wave 1 updates, PVA is getting equipped with a new feature, that is called a system fallback. Learn from the video linked below how to use it: 

PVA System Fallback Video -


System Fallback Configuration

Click on the settings icon and then “System Fallback” option:



Next, click “Add” button inside the modal window:



Once it is provisioned, simply click “Go to fallback topic” to configure conversation flow in that specific topic:



And that’s it! I hope it will save your users hours of frustration.

If you have any questions, post them in comments below!