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RSS Feed Doesn't Trigger Flow

Hi, now, I may be doing something very basically wrong in Power Automate (more on that in a second), however ... despite there being new items in this RSS feed ... literally nothing happens in my flow, so obviously there's nothing erroring there.


Also ... you've removed the "I've found a bug" forum ... what's going on there?


Anyway, here's the RSS link ... it's my solutions:

I'm sure that you can see where I'm going with that. 😉


I'm posting this here as I'm wondering if the forum's RSS is set up properly. Bare with me on that, though.


So, Power Automate defaults to checking for new items since the publish date.


The problem with this is that ... the RSS feeds for this forum software make the <pubDate> field to be whenever the search is run. Which means that there will be nothing in the feed after the published date ... ever.


So ... I guess I'm asking, should the software that creates the XML not be placing the publish date as a milisecond before the most recent update in the feed or something?


Sorry if this is a bit broadly spoken, but I'm just trying to make the forum RSS useful, and ... I'm not sure that it *can* be.


None of this is said as snark, or in a derisory tone ... but I'm just wondering if it just needs a little nudge, or if I have to do a super deep config on the trigger for this flow. If it is the latter, then 😩, but also ... ... well ... there's nothing in the RSS feed that can trigger the flow ... which it would stand to reason that there's nothing in the RSS feed that would trigger an RSS reader, I'd guess.


Suffice to say, this W3 tool says it's mostly alright, but does query the dual dates ... so what's the deal here?


Either way, thanks for reading me!




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