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How to add team members to Power Virtual Agent Bot?

I created a Bot in Power Virtual Agent but I cannot find a way to add my team members to the Bot so that we can contribute to the topics together. How to do that?


Thank you for using PVA!  Unfortunately it is currently not supported to allow multiple users to access the same bot.  This is an important item that is on our roadmap. Please stay tuned for future release!

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This is a very important item as we evaluate PVA. If I'm to consider PVA as an enterprise tool, it needs to be supportable in an enterprise fashion. This means I need my entire team to be able to support the bot(s) we'd develop, not just a single person per bot. 


Where exactly does this fall on the roadmap and when can we expect to see it available?

Thank you for the message.  We are fully aware this is a very important feature for enterprise and organizations.  This is one of the highest priority item on our roadmap and is being worked on.


Could you help to share more on how you envision your team would use the feature?  It would be great to learn how many users you expect to collaborate on a bot and what permission you expect them to have. 

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For me it is all about support. In its current state, with only a single owner per bot, you'd be putting the system at risk any time that person goes on vacation, not to mention the obvious situation if they leave the company or get hit by a bus. 


In my mind the solution would be very similar to how Power Automate allows you to turn a My Flow into a Team Flow simply by adding more owners, each of whom can then share the development, maintenance and administrative duties. I'm sure we could discuss even more granularity and different roles, but really the most important thing to me is that at least two people can share full ownership permissions for a bot.

I agree with all of those requirements.


Thank you for Posting.

I am a new Virtual Assistance and wanted to learn more.



I also am interested as to where this falls on the timeline.

My bot development company is looking to adopt Teams into our development stack, but are disappointed that we cannot all easily code on one bot.



This is also a must have for me. The bot cannot be discontinued when my account is canceled. Also i cannot be the only one who configures topics in the bot. That way all the work would be for me and that is not the idea. My team should be able to add topics also.

Can you keep me posted, since as long as this is not possible; we cannot go live with this.



Hi BellenKurt, 


You can find the release dates of features at release note here.  'Multiple users can edit topics at the same time within a bot' covers this capability.  

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