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Demo Extravaganza App Submission: Pipelines and Terminals Rounds App by John Holtan

Pipelines and Terminals Rounds app

John Holtan

The Pipelines and Terminals Rounds app is used to help our operations staff record their findings when working on in a plant setting.


The app acts as a quick visual dashboard of what has been done at a facility and what has not been started. It allows an operator to quickly get a view of work is still available. Prior to this app, users had clipboards to perform the work and often had no idea who had the clipboard so they could not contribute to getting the work done as a team.


When viewing the screen for a particular location such as our Pine Bend Bottom Loading facility, you can see work that has been completed that is green, partially completed in brown and hasn’t been started that is clear. Now the user knows exactly what work needs to be completed Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Quarterly. It also shows them what follow-up is needed. This also allows anyone with the ability to tackle the problem without contacting anyone.


When clicking on a task, the user now can check off whether they have done the job or not quickly and save their progress.

The app currently connects to over 20 SharePoint lists to pull in the tasks and connects to over 20 lists to submit data to. This allows each site to view and edit their own data if needed.

The SharePoint sites allow users at each site to customize their own task lists and determine what order they are in. They can make changes quickly without having someone edit the app.

Overall the app has created a quick and efficient way to allow users to capture critical checks via mobile devices. It has also shown that a team can work together across a site to finish work faster and allow themselves to perform higher-level activities when they are free.

To date, there have been over 10,000 checks completed at over 20 sites within our organization out of a single app.

Additional photos of the app: