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Disable toggle navigation for specific web page in Power Apps Portal




You may have the scenario where you want to disable the toggle navigation button (image below) for specific web page. Ex: Contract agreement web page or Terms and Condition web page.  Where you dont want users to navigate to different links while reading T&C. 


In PowerApps Portal > Choose  any web page in responsive mode. You can see the below toggle navigation button.  This occurs because of the bootstrap theme. 




Solution:  In Terms and Condition Web page. 


In Portal management app:


1. Content > Web Pages > TermsAndCondition (Name of the web page) 

2. Under Localized Content > Select web page > Edit > Advanced 


Under Custom JavaScript section: Add the below JavaScript code to hide the toggle navigation bar element 


document.getElementsByClassName("navbar-toggle collapsed")[0].style.visibility = "hidden";


Hint: You can also apply jQuery as a replacement to hide your element. 


Hope this little trick is useful incase if you have the same scenario in your organization.