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Pagination Features (Esp. for PC or Tablet Mode)



When learning jQuery, various plug-in program attracted me. One of the useful plug-in program for data viewing is “Pagination”.


Today, I spare some free time and wish to share how to utilize PowerApps simple formulas to create the same function.

Formulas used in creating pagination cover only:

- If

- UpdateContext

- RoundUp & RoundDown

- CountRows

- LastN & FirstN


Screen OnVisible (Loaded) & First PageScreen OnVisible (Loaded) & First Page


Step 1





UpdateContext({iter: 0});

UpdateContext({iter: RoundDown(Gallery1.Height/Gallery1.TemplateHeight,0)}); FirstN(Table1, iter)


When screen is loaded, it will display Gallery with Number of Rows as determined by “RoundDown(Gallery1.Height/Gallery1.TemplateHeight,0)” using FirstN(Tale1, iter)




- Add datasource to your PowerApps (I have attached complete sample PowerApps but using Static Data, so that no connection is necessary to faciliate apps learning)

- Add a Gallery, with items connected to datasource


Gallery1.Items = LastN(FirstN(Table1, iter), RoundDown(Gallery1.Height/Gallery1.TemplateHeight,0))



Gallery1.Height/Gallery1.TemplateHeight is used to calculate “Viewable Number of Rows”.

This is a dynamic formula because when you manually adjust the Gallery1 Height using mouse, the formula will calculate automatically.

The same is also used for “Calculating No. of Page”.



Step 2


Showing Page No. / Total No. Page


Page No.:


Total No. of Page:




Step 3


Cick on First Page or Last Page are common functions.


First Page: (Use FirstN)

UpdateContext({iter: RoundDown(Gallery1.Height/Gallery1.TemplateHeight,0)}); FirstN(Table1, iter)


Last Page: (Use LastN)

UpdateContext({iter: CountRows(Table1)}); LastN(Table1, iter)


Last PageLast Page



Step 4


Users may opt to search by "Record" or "Page". This is a quick search method.


Search (Page):

If(Value(SearchInput.Text) <= RoundUp(CountRows(Table1)/RoundDown(Gallery1.Height/Gallery1.TemplateHeight,0),0), UpdateContext({iter: Value(SearchInput.Text)*RoundDown(Gallery1.Height/Gallery1.TemplateHeight,0)}))


If formula allows only searching within “Total Pages


Search (Records):


If(Value(SearchInput.Text) <= CountRows(Table1), UpdateContext({iter: Value(SearchInput.Text)-1+RoundDown(Gallery1.Height/Gallery1.TemplateHeight,0)}))


If formula allows only searching within “Total Records


Search "Page" functionSearch "Page" functionSearch "Record" functionSearch "Record" function


Step 5


Next Page:

If(iter < CountRows(Table1), UpdateContext({iter:If(iter < CountRows(Table1), iter+RoundDown(Gallery1.Height/Gallery1.TemplateHeight,0))}))


If formula will detect if the record has “Come to the End of Records” based on iter < CountRows(Table1)



Previous Page:

If(iter < 2*RoundDown(Gallery1.Height/Gallery1.TemplateHeight,0), UpdateContext({iter: RoundDown(Gallery1.Height/Gallery1.TemplateHeight,0)}); FirstN(Table1, iter), UpdateContext({iter:iter-RoundDown(Gallery1.Height/Gallery1.TemplateHeight,0)}))


If formula will detect if the record has “Come to the First Record” based on iter < 2*RoundDown(Gallery1.Height/Gallery1.TemplateHeight,0)


Last Wish...


Hopefully PowerApps Grougp can consider Plug-In for future version so that we Apps Creation (Making) [Not Programming] will be much more faster for Productivity Apps.


Welcome comments and improvement for betterment of all.

Enjoy reading and benchmarking my sample...a complete sample!