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Ability to add function on Instrumentation Key in Canvas apps

Adding instrumentation key is a nice way to trace all the events in Azure AppInsights but hard-coding it defeats the purpose. When we deploy the App from DEV to QA or to PROD we would like to use different Instrumentation Key per environment. 


The idea is to make Instrumentation Key accept a function so we can set it dynamically. For example, by using Environment Variable which will store the instrumentation key which can also be part of ALM process.

Status: New
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This is a great idea, and would remove one more manual step when moving to the next environment. A similar issue is that we can't parameterise the app name.


Meanwhile is there any temporary solution for this ?

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This would also need to work for a managed app deployed via a DevOps Pipeline

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Very much needed for a proper ALM process! What workaround have you done @PowerMaverick ?

The work-around was to have one key for Dev, QA, UAT environment and another for PROD. And add a manual step for PROD deployment to change the Key manually in the canvas apps. Not ideal but works.

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How do you change the instrumentation key manually on Production environment? Pug We have also set up deployment for the canvas application via a DevOps Pipeline, so do you have an idea how can we use (insert) different key for Prod? @PowerMaverick  can you give me more details on the manual step mentioned above?

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@alex-vinokikj even though when importing a managed solution, from the solution you cannot edit your app, you can edit it from the App area. Edit is not disabled from there even for apps within a managed solution.