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Ability to change the width of field label deployed on form on UCI

Author Name: Akira Homma
Current Dynamics 365 (Online) Ver, on Web Client Interface, the width of field label can be customized. But on Unified Interface (UCI), the customization above is not reflected. This is not desirable for all users, so it would be much better if width of field label on UCI is changed by option.
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Is there any updates or progress from D365 Developer Team in issue regarding customized field label width in UCI?

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I'd would very much like it to be truly responsive. Yes its tricky to make sure different ellements align properly. But limiting label width is the worst solution. Other options include:

* dynamics width

* labels above the field to the max width of the column.

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I can't believe this functionality has been removed from Dynamics. We need the ability to change field label widths for a section, otherwise forms that need to work a little like questionnaires simply look awful.




A simple width adjustment would allow us to prevent an annoying unnecessary scrollbar...

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Any updates on this? It's crazy that this is not an option. Other certain database companies have figured this out. Why can't Microsoft?