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Ability to define hide the global Advanvced filter-button


With the introduction of "Custom pages" in model-driven apps, it would be great if developers had the ability to hide the global "Advanced filter"-button - either as a setting on a "per entity"-basis (preferably), "per app"-basis, or "environment"-basis.



We would like to restrict the user from interacting with tables/entities, which should only be accessible from a "Custom page" or embedded canvas app. The ability to access the records through the model-driven form (through the "Advanced find"-results) poses a severe security risk.


AS-IS / current functionality

Users have the ability to access model-driven views and forms of all entities through the global "Advanced find"-button. This potentially leads to compliance violation scenarios, in which users are allowed to interact with data in an unintended way (i.e. outside the "rules" that a developer have otherwise defined within a custom page or embedded canvas app).

Status: New
Kudo Kingpin

Excellent idea!


Indeed, the current functionality could expose data that should remain confidential.


In addition, it would be great if we could control the visibility of views per security role, just like forms.