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Add JSON.stringify() or something similar for debugging

Lots of PowerApps developers waste hours of their lives trying to figure out:

- What type of object am I dealing with

- What properties does a certain object have


One good solution would be to add a simple label where, in Text property we could specify something like Stringify(My_Object_OrArray)

I hope it's not that hard to implement, but the amount of time we could save on debugging would be massive. Plus, passing JSON objects to MS Flows or other connectors would be extremely useful.

Status: Completed
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Couldn't agree more with 'Plus, passing JSON objects to MS Flows or other connectors would extremely useful'!

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I totally agree, it will be of a great help. I am just starting "developping" in PowerApps, and indeed I am spending a lot of time wondering the type of expressions I am writing down. 


It would even be better to have the possibility to select an expression in order to display its resulting type (in tooltip or in a specific place of the screen)

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Same here. My needs are less about debugging then sending collections to Flow




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Cannot image a programmer can live without that function at all. Please add this as soon as possible.


Thanks very much.

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In the mean time, I've used a custom solution that works quite well.

You can forget the "IsDirty" flag, I'm simplly using this send only rows in my collection that have changed. I'm also doubling quotes in the C2 column with the substitute function because my client (Azure SQL DB) requires it to read them has text and not an end of sting character.


Hope this can help some : 


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I have used similar solution like below, but I am afraid the value part will contain some invalid characters that eventually break the whole json.

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Agree 100%

Need to send JSON to stored procedure to update multiple rows.

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wish I could upvote it zillion times. 😞
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I've hand coded a messy concat() function to create a properly formatted JSON to pass to Azure SQL DB, but wow, very messay and lots of trial an error.

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This gets my vote. How sadly lacking PowerApps is. Seems like a Beta product and we're all Beta testers. It wouldn't get my nod for release.