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Add an event/property in PowerApps to detect when the loading completes i.e. when the dots moving on the top of the screen stop

At times, the data in the form takes longer to load (symbolized by the moving dots on the top), users quickly click on save before the data is completely loaded, therefore overwriting some of the fields with blank data (so data is lost). The "loading" dots are still sliding left-to-right at this point, but users miss it.


An event/property is required which tells us that the data is still loading so that we can either hide the form or show a splash screen over it until that event (loading completion) occurs, and then hide the splash or show the form.

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Wherever you're loading data do the following:

UpdateContext({varDataLoading: true});

[Load data here];

UpdateContext({varDataLoading: false});

Then make a splash loader using a piece of GIF media using a container with the gif in the middle, where the container has the properties
.Fill = RGBA(0,0,0,.6)
.Visible = varDataLoading

Using a context variable you can hide the form, show a splash screen, whatever. One of my smallers apps I play a MIDI of the Jeopardy theme song because when you submit a file it sends it to Form Recognition to parse the file, then I do a few SQL queries using Flow and then I send all of that data back to the app. So, 12 seconds of loading and you get a loader and some music while you wait.

Advocate IV

Hi @JLincoln ,


Setting a flag and showing a Loading Dialog is pretty well known, and we all do that step... (I use an animated gif)... The problem we're describing is with the things that PowerApps does in the background, INDEPENDENT of the formulas we've written.


Take Navigating to a Screen with a large Gallery (say 10,000+ records in the Source) - The OnVisible Code executes, and concludes, but the SEMI-INVISIBLE "3 dots" are still moving across the top of the screen, and the gallery is still empty (because PowerApps is still fetching the first page of the data).


Eventually, the gallery will populate, and the 3 dots will stop, but not before the Users assume that something went wrong, and reloads the App. What we actually end up with is a load of additional unnecessary fetch calls to the database, which further slows the whole thing down.


PLEASE Microsoft - we NEED to know if PowerApps is doing something in the background, and when it has finished. Both USER EXPERIENCE and DATA INTEGRITY are SEVERELY effected by the lack of this feature - 2 thing without which, the ENTIRE PLATFORM IS USELESS!