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Add multiple attachments in the PowerApps attachment control

I would like to be able to select multiple attachments when adding them to the attachment control. I believe that this is not yet possible (i.e. you can add only one attachment at a time when you click the "Attach file" button).

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I would also like this functionality.  I was a bit surprised to not be able to select multiple attachments in the open file dialog box.


Currently we are attaching photos to Sharepoint List. I would use the camera control directly but we are also limited to 640x480.


Since we are also using a Win 10 Tablet we don't get the option to take photo. We have to take the photos outside the app and then attach them one at a time.

Advocate I
Advocate I

From what I can see this is only possible if you use modern experience default form.


Otherwise, it's a pain being able to only select one attachment at a time.

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Please add this functionality . From a user perspective this is a big pain. MS please revisit this ask 

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The multi selct works ok for me on web on windows. in Teams on PC and mobile. And on web on mobile (iphone and android tested) does not work in powerapps app on mobile. A bit rubish that the app gives fewer features than web.