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Allow Choices to be passed as input variable to Components without being converted to text values

When I pass a Choices table into a custom component as an input variable, the is converted from containing values of type "OptionSetValue" to type "Text" value.


This means if I want to create a custom component that wraps around say a radio button input, or checkboxes input - and accept "Choices()" data as an input to drive the choices, when I output the selected "Choices" from the componet, they are returned as text values (or table of text values), rather than as OptionSetValues or table of OptionSetValues.


This in turn means there's some inefficent coding I need to when trying to convert the output value, to convert it back to an OptionSetValue, before it can be patched back to the Choices column.


For an example of the work around required, please see below blog post:


Status: New