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Allow adding DataTable Control into Layout Container control

Would you be so kind to add the DataTable as a possible child to the Container LayOut controls?



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PrashantGupta - That's a great hack! Thank you for sharing. I just tested it and it is working for me also.

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Thanks very much @PrashantGupta, your suggestion worked and has let us remove a bunch of complex resizing rules, so it's a very welcome tip!


Just noting that it only seems to work for inserting a new DataTable from the Insert toolbar and doesn't work for Copy/Paste of an existing DataTable - which meant we had to re-create the existing DataTable and all the OnSelect() methods for each of the columns etc.


So Microsoft still needs to fix this!

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I tried the solution of @PrashantGupta  and I feel like the first time I used it it worked but I tried to replicate it now without a success and the solution for me was as follows:

1. Add a Container

2. Add a label in a Container 

3. Add Gallery

4. Select label and and Data Table

5. Remove Gallery and Label)


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@PrashantGupta I have been searching for a solutions for days! Thanks for sharing with us!! 

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If I could throw my inflation-affected $0.02 in here...


I can't believe that this doesn't work, still.  It's been since 2017 that this DataTable has existed, and Microsoft can't spend a few days to make it be a child of a parent container?


Is anyone aware of any way to copy an existing/configured DataTable into a container, other than the method above of creating a new Datatable directly after creating a Gallery?


It would be great if we were able to edit the meta-data of a datatable to paste in the config.

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At the first glance, I know the Power stuffs are something I should avoid. But my company chose it. It likes MS wants to wrap the coding thing into building blocks to let more people play. But it wrapped incompletely, which requires the user with full coding insight. Low coding means it took your freedom away, you have to find where to code to make this absurd “powerful” blocks work as you expect instead of the limited imagination MS thought you have. If this stuff needs our coding skill, please give us back the full control, not let us beg for a data table could be inserted into a container for years! Thank you!

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@PrashantGupta you legend! Thank you for that clever workaround. 👍

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I do not get the hint - I have the same issue, but when I add a table to a gallery (what works for me) and I remove the gallery - the table disappears also. How should this work?