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Allow the Change of Ownership of the Application

I may be leaving the company I am with soon, and I'd prefer to be able to change ownership of the application to another developer.  They have "Can Edit", but I'd just be more comfortable doing so.


The current forum recommendation is to contact support.


A UI change to the portal to allow the change of ownership, similar to Microsoft Flow's ability to add multiple owners, would be a great option.

Status: Completed

You can use the PowerApps for Admins connector and use the Set App Owner Operations to change the owner.

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The workaround I found to this for now is to save the PowerApps file to your computer, and then upload it as a new app under the new account. You have to share it again probably, but it shouldn't take too long. But I still think switching ownership would be a very helpful feature.

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Status changed to: Planned
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it the good idea to re-upload the app, but if we want to change to eg: "Version 1" is it possible?

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This would be great

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importing the package to the new users is a good workarround. You can choose what name you want to give it, so you can add like v-1.0 to its name when importing a package.

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The new PowerShell cmdlets for PowerApps enable global admins on the tenant to do this.


Personally however as the owner of the App, I would prefer to be able to change the owner to another person within the organization through portal as transfering ownership to other user should not require a global administrator on the tenant to do this. 


A user can as suggested alternatively export the package, or even save the app to their local workstation, and the new owner can then either import the app or upload it, and recreate any connections as required, however the version history is then lost as are the analytical stats in terms of historical usage etc.



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I am up for this change also. Classic scenario: What if the author leaves the company and person with edit right wants to change the sharing who can use this app. Per HintText for sharing the app. organization wide: "This allows everyone in your organization to use this app. Once it's been shared with an org, only the app owner can remove access." How would non-author editor change this global (organization wide) sharing?
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Have also suggested that we should be allowed to specify multiple owners:



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We have a slightly different reason; the mobile apps listing includes the author/owner name, which means the user will end up calling the developer with questions or issues. We would rather include a help desk or department name or nothing at all.
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multiple owners be good  and being able to have multiples of these also or even a structure of OWNER, ADMINISTRATOR, EDITOR, USER


Owner can do it all

Admin - can mange who shared with, but not edit app etc

Editor - can EDIT app, and share - but not delete